Our POint Of Defference


Since 2010 we’ve had a leave it with us, we’ve got this policy. We know that usually having gone to all the trouble of organising an event and putting an awesome day together, the worst part is that the organiser doesn’t always get to enjoy it or have any fun themselves, Well that’s just not fair… From a small backyard party to a huge corporate event, we arrive in good time, set everything up, operate throughout the day, then pack everything up (including any rubbish). You won’t need to organise helpers, do it yourself or even pay us any extra. It’s all part of our service. This allows you to actually relax and enjoy the event. Freeing you up to maybe take pictures, sit back sipping on something cool or even have a play too. Our gigs ain’t just for the kids!

Our Award Winning Team will look after your guests throughout – Good news , you can stop worrying now!

We found H2Orb to be very professional from the very first phone call right up to the packing away last night. Your waterballs kept everyone entertained from 6-17 years old, and by all the sounds of laughter and the good behaviour of our kids, I would say they were all busily having fun! Thank you to your wonderful staff too for keeping things running smoothly so that all the mum’s and dad’s could relax and enjoy the evening too. We would highly recommend H2Orb to anyone wanting a well organised and run event, but also value for money.

Many thanks,  Annette E

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