At H2orb we excel in Parties of all kinds, Especially bringing our rollers to your home.

Our Large Double Skinned Roller can accommodate up to three children at a time [or two adults] … as the roller spins only on one axis you get plenty of fun with greater control (although falling over in fits of giggles seems to be the order of the day) this rides has a great social element to it as it’s a group activity.


Single skinned Zip-Up inflatable Made in transparent TPU this ball extremely popular and a real crowd puller! The rider (child or adult) steps inside the ball and it is inflated around them with cool fresh air. There should be no reason to get wet and therefore this has a wonderful feeling of “walking on water” it draws a lot of interest and participation is not based on a minimum age but is based on common sense. We have had some very capable tinies as well as very incapable adults in them LOL …. ‘Having a ball’


In a perfect world you would have a pool at yours or a friend of the family to play on. We can arrive, set up, entertain, pack away with the minimum of worry… you get to sort out a few nibbles and a cake (if it’s a birthday) we have the fun covered. This means you can enjoy the event, sip a cool beverage, take pictures or even join in!

BUT if you have no pool you can do one of the following

A: Join us on our hire site at the Rockingham Foreshore. This cost an additional $15 but allows you to make a day of it and move on to the grassed area with BBQ’s available.

B: If you’re not keen on sand or fancy the beach idea then we have other options too…. Leisure centres have the pool and often cafes. We have good relations with several. They do charge lane hire (2 will be enough and some waiver this if you buy food) and they charge an entrance charge. We have negotiated discounts when possible. This allows you to stay after we have gone and make a day of it.


C: The deluxe option is the festival pool option. As you can imagine this takes a while to set up and we will need an assessable power supply and also access to water tap/s.        We arrive an hour before the event start inflate and put in the hose/s. The rollers can float on 100cm of water but prefer more so the tap will probably need to remain on throughout the party which must be a minimum of two hours.

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