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We are an immediate hit with the kids although we all love a bouncy castle… it’s a bit old hat for anyone over 10. (Also these present organisers with an issue of segregating smaller and larger participants…to stop an accidental trampling.) We are the ride that everyone flocks to. It’s fun and bright, it’s different and manned by bright bubbly staff.

Parents love us because we have the ability to offer the rides for both small and older children…nothing worse for a family when an activity excludes one of the kids. We have all ages covered which is our unique difference to other operators. We have rollers that take up to three children or two adult sized riders… we have staff that can stem the over enthusiasm of the excitable child and then support the not so confident one whose desperate to try but unsure…it was the overriding feedback when we were nominated for three Chamber or Commerce awards this and last year. There is no reason for anyone to get wet. Its good old fashioned good clean fun!

Event Organisers choose us because we arrive on time, set up, have all the necessary insurances in place and run all the activity without them needing to worry and be involved… we are Rockingham, Gosnells and Stirling Council’s activity of choice and have been chosen for the council operated Youth Fest which caters for older teenagers and they are VERY mindful of the activities they include….

Also we can help events make money!! We are one of the main attractions at many events and for those that charge a fee or sell bands to break even before the event day … those promoting fiercely that we were coming have managed this before the day itself!…on the day many more want to ride us and many have said they made a huge profit on additional bands…

also and this is important…we can still operate if it rains!

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